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South Swell

So you want to know a little bit more about us? We don’t blame you. You can’t trust your surf life to just anyone.

Long story, short. This cool local surf shop was going out of business when everything went bust back in 2008. Locals Doug Starcke and Keith Byrd had a “what if” moment. “What if we bought this dying shop, poured our blood, sweat and tears into her, gutted the building, rethought the inventory, rebranded, renamed, and got one hell of a general manager (that would be the famous John Batten) to run it?”

That “what if” has become today’s “what is!” Thanks to our hard-working team and all the tan patrons who have visited us over the years and continue to trust us with their hard-earned money, we have become one of the most popular surf shops on the NC coast.

What’s in a name?

We are located in Emerald Isle, North Carolina, the southernmost portion of the OBX. Emerald Isle is a south-facing beach town on a 25-mile stretch of a barrier island known as Bogue Banks.

When you stand on our beach and look across the great big pond, you’re not looking at bloody England. You are facing the southern tip of sunny Florida. Our location is in the heart of Emerald Isle and has been the local “core” surf shop in town since 1989.

We’d love for you to visit South Swell Surf Shop, next time you come to the beach.